April 30, 2020

Flow Copenhagen Yoga Wear Review

Ahhhh ye. As if I didn’t have enough yoga wear already – I fell for a Facebook add and bought another set. Why? Because it did tick all the boxes. Sustainable. Fair trade. Local /for me/. Pretty. And quite affordable! Aaand at least I could entertain myself with this little review!

What Is Flow Copenhagen?

As I already mentioned – Flow Copenhagen is a young, family owned Danish brand which stands for fair trade, sustainable and affordable yoga wear. Their products are made from sustainable bamboo fiber coming from one of the largest bamboo forests in Sichuan. It is stated at their website HERE, that they work closely with the manufacturers, who are also sure to provide good working conditions for their employees.


As for now, they have one style of leggings in 4 colours and three styles of bra/tops, also in 4 colours.

They recently launched bundles – which is an offer, where you can get multiple items for a cheaper price. I really wanted the Saga bra and Saga Tights, anyway it was not available in the Jade shade. Also I was not quite sure for what top I should go, as I couldn’t figure out what style will fit my chest the most. It can get quite tricky being a girl with narrow rib cage but bigger cup size! Therefore I decided to give it a go and reach out to the brand on their Instagram – HERE.

Good thing I did! Their customer service seems great to me. I did get a special discount, so I could purchase the Saga bra and tights in bundle /which was available only with other top style/ and they also acknowledged that they should include more variety of models in their future photoshoots.


Now To The Actual Products!

First of all – the delivery was super quick and I was able to track it. Please note that I also live in Denmark, so I have no clue how it works for orders overseas.

One of the things I would suggest improving in the future is packaging. As it is a sustainable and responsible brand – there was too much plastic for my personal taste. It came in a plastic bag and then the individual items were packed in plastic, too. Otherwise the tags are made from what seems like a recycled paper, pinned onto the items.


When it comes to the design, I actually really like it. I love the cut-out on the back side of the bra and the whole fit is amazing for bigger chest, as it doesn’t have a big cleavage, like a lot of yoga bras do. It holds your girls in place without worrying about any side-boob leakage, but don’t expect any extra support! The fit is more relaxed.


Now the tights! I do like them, they do not give me a massive camel toe and they do feel fresh and breathable. Anyway, there is a couple of things I would like to mention! On the inner back side there are instructions for washing etc. And it is actually visible on the outer side, too. Maybe it will peel off over some time, god knows. And it is not crazy noticeable, but definitely there. The same for the bra – as you can see on one of the pictures.


When it comes to squat-proofness, they do quite well. If you are wearing black seamless panties, you WILL see them. But it is nothing crazy. And if you wear nude seamless, you are all good. Trust me, there are leggings which reveal even nude knickers…. Casall, ehm!

On the fit note – the tights are advertised as high – waisted. They are not gonna reveal your gluteal cleft, but my idea of high wasted is very different. As shown on the photo – they will slip bit down under your belly button. Also, if you are looking for high support leggings, which will hold your belly in, these are not the choice! Considering the lenght –  as you can see, they are little bit too long for me, but that might be just because I am a human corgi  🙂

As for the water test – You will probably see the sweat quite a bit. Which shouldn’t be a bad thing, right? It is completely natural. I got slightly worried as there were some lighter marks left soon after drying, but at the end – all is good! You can see the water test and more footage in the video.



In general –  I like the idea behind this brand and I think they are doing an amazing job, considering the fact that they are very young in yoga wear market. If you are looking for a way how to support small and sympathetic business with a good intention, go for it! The fabric is soft and comfy. I would for sure see it as a great wear for gentle hatha or yin classes! But if you are hardcore fitness girl which is looking for support and thick, sturdy material, I wouldn’t go down this alley!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this review! If it was bit too much for you and you fancy some breathwork, you can check out my post on Nadi Shodhana Pranayama HERE 🙂

Hari Om, Dominika

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