April 17, 2020

What Has Been Up And What Is Up Right Now? My Non-Zero Days

It has been about 9 months since I wrote my last post here. And oh lord, so many things happened! Last year this time I was in Scotland loving my life, looking forward to even more adventures. If I told myself what I /and the world/ will go through in the year ahead, I wouldn’t believe it. I would perhaps behave little bit differenty, but that is the magic of life. You simply never know what is behind the corner. And these past weeks have been a very, very dark corner. I take it as a challenge though, or more precisely – a lesson. I want to learn as much as possible from these times and then hopefully become way more aware of where I stand. It also seems like life wants me to put in practice what I learned in India /I went there last year September – December/. That is a topic for another article though, I guess it might be interesting for other people to see how it was like? 

2020 what?

Anyway – What has 2020 been like? It started with a break up. But I didn’t take it too hard as I did see it as an opportunity to focus on myself and leave what did not serve either me or my ex partner. I put my focus on yoga practice and also teaching – at least once a week we would meet with a small group of people and have our hour long morning practice followed by some tea, chit chat and occasional breakfast. I was planning on going to Portugal to do some more yoga, healing and travelling. Then on the way back to Denmark stopping by my home land for my mum’s birthday.


Then Corona hit the fan and all went to hell. Yes I know, a lot of people started doing yoga on zoom and I was planning on doing videos too, but that is not where it ended. I also got into a very tricky financial situation as I got fired from one of my jobs, which was kind of a blessing to be honest. I did not want to work for my boss any longer anyway, but it does not change the fact that I have to figure out one of the major piles of my existence. AND if it wasn’t enough, I went through more personal hardships /including minor medical procedure/which did send me mentally and physically down. With the social distancing going on it has been even trickier, as it is not as easy to meet up with friends and talk it out. I didn’t want to do anything. Just live in mess, eat take aways /if even eat/, feel sorry for myself and not practice asanas at all, as my body and heart felt very vulnerable. It still doesn’t feel right, but I am getting there. 

No More Zero Days

Here I am getting to one of the best mental health tools I came across – “non-zero days”. It came to me while sitting on the couch of one of my friends, crying my soul, heart and in fact absolutely everything out, expressing how I am tired of simply living and how difficult it is to even think about doing stuff and I am angry about it, because now it’s the time I should be using to improve my skills. Which is another thing I wanna talk about, but hey, one post at time cowboy, okay?

In that moment my friend grabbed a laptop and read a reddit post to me about having no more zero days.

Long story short – if you are having a really bad day and you know you should do other things than blowing your nose and roll in the bed from one side to another – take it easy! I will use the example of working out, as it is pretty obvious. You wanna work on that booty, but feel miserable? Fine. Do ONE squat. Just ONE is enough. It makes the day a non-zero day. One is not a zero, right? Or you know it would be good to read a book for you? Great. Pick the book and start reading. Not feeling it anymore? That is absolutely alright! Did you read half a page? That is still something. It is NOT a zero. Want to learn a foreign language? Great, do ONE round of practice on Duolingo. Great job!

It may seem very simple and obvious to some of you, but it shifted my perspective totally. I am not beating myself up for not doing enough… And I can proudly say that I am not having zero days anymore. 

It might be tempting to say that doing ONE squat tricks you into doing more, but let’s not focus on this. Do not do this with expectations. Again – ONE is enough!

You can find the reddit post HERE.

Thank you for your time and efforts, please take care of yourself – whatever it means. 

Sending lots of love,


P.S. I do acknowledge that there are people having it way worse than me and there are sadly too many people losing jobs and I am not the only one, but… Let me whine, okay? 🙂 

By the way with the Sun shining on us brighter and brighter – you may try to plant some mint for your home made quarantine mojitos! Check it out HERE.



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