August 12, 2019

Planet-friendly Alternatives to a Traditional Toothpaste

If you are tired of your regular toothpaste and it makes you sad to throw away that piece of wasted plastic tube every time you finish it, I am happy that you came across this article. Why? Cos it might help you to find the best fit for your planet-friendly toothpaste alternative.

In this post I will take you on the journey I’ve been through, while searching for the best toothpaste alternative. I am all open for natural experiments and such, but honestly – sometimes I am not up for mixing baking soda with coconut oil and putting it in my mouth. That is why I am introducing you my list of purchased goodies! Grab a cuppa and here we go!

Tooth Powders

The first alternative I’ve ever tried was this Tooth Powder made by LUSH /anyway I cannot find it on their website so perhaps it is discontinued/. It is quite simple and one of the better ones – you just wet your toothbrush and dip it in the powder. Then wash your teeth as usually.

PROS – It comes in a re-usable container /pshhhh, I re-used this one so there is just my dry shampoo on this picture, but the consistency is literally the same/. The smell and taste is pleasant and minty enough for a regular tooth-paste user, so it is not such a shock to switch on this powder. LUSH had several versions, I’ve tried only this one as the reviews seemed the best. Does leave your mouth feel clean!

CONS – When you dip the wet bristles of your toothbrush in the powder, it also wets bit of the powder which stays in the container – so after some time it starts creating clumps. It is not too bad though, so if you want to give it a try – go for it! Anyway, be careful – as your mum can get suspicious about those random trays of white powder in the bathroom.

Toothy Tabs

Staying with LUSH – the second alternative I’ve tried was tooth tabs. Very easy to use – you just pop one in your mouth, maybe add bit of water, chew them and wash as usually.

The first ones I tried were with coca cola flavour and activated charcoal, called BOOM – click HERE to check it out. The taste was bit weird from the start but I got used to it. Also as everything with activated charcoal – it was quite messy and I got black spit *ehm* everywhere around my bathroom. My second choice was LIMELIGHT – HERE. The taste is pleasant and lemony, but I wouldn’t buy them again. The consistency is bit too harsh and even if I bite them enough, I still have clumps of them hidden everywhere in my mouth. The third bottle I gave a try is PAW GALACTIC GARGLE BLASTER – HERE. BUT! This is NOT a toothy tab, it is a mouth wash. Anyway from all the LUSH oral care products, this is so far my favourite! The taste is amazing. Strong, yummy, but not too much.

PROS – Easy to use, comes in a little cute bottle, strong flavours.

CONS – The texture might feel bit grainy, so if you have sensitive teeth, maybe it is not the best choice. Also again – can get messy if you wanna go for tabs with charcoal.

When it comes to Dental Tabs /or toothy tabs, whatever you prefer/, THESE are my absolute favourite! The difference from Lush tabs is that the texture isn’t “grainy” and “baking soda-ish”, so it doesn’t feel like it might irritate your teeth. It is more of a regular toothpaste in a pill form. First advantage is the texture. Second thing I really like is the taste, which is also very similar to a regular toothpaste – minty and leaves your mouth feeling fresh. Another plus is that is comes in a paper package /you can even get it on weight in a special store, as in TINC Aarhus/ and there are two versions – with and without fluorid. Check them HERE! Or just google “Dent Tabs” and see if you can get them somewhere near you. Hands down – this is my all time hero winner of planet-friendly alternatives to a traditional toothpaste!

PROS – Nice smooth texture, good taste similar to regular toothpaste, nice plastic-free package and can get them on weight at specific places, can choose from two versions – with and without fluoride.

CONS – I cannot think of any! 🙂

Natural Non-foaming Toothpaste

When I got tired of LUSH products and wanted something packed in a glass jar, I came along the brand Georganics. They sell these non-foaming mineral rich natural toothpastes with organic virgin coconut oil and other yummy ingredients. See the varieties HERE. Again – the first one I’ve tried was a small sample with activated charcoal – you guessed it, mess everywhere. The next one was this English peppermint one, which is in my opinion better. You put a pea size of the cream on your toothbrush and brush as normally. Easy. But…

PROS – All nice and yummy ingredients, comes in an amazing glass jar and AMAZING customer service. If you have sensitive teeth and cannot take for example baking soda, it might be a right fit for you as it is super creamy. Also – AFTER you rinse your mouth with water it does feel fresh and clean.

CONS – The texture can feel a little odd. It is bit muddy and the taste is not too strong while you are brushing, so you end up quite confused. For sure it does clean your teeth and takes care of them, but if you are looking for an experience close to your old standards, I would say – look elsewhere. The activated charcoal was hell for me / too much of a greasy mess/, so would definitely recommend this english peppermint. ANYWAY it is oily and it will leave a light film on your bathroom sink. For me it is a nice alternative, but gets bit messy and I just have some other favourites which make my life easier.

Tooth Soap

Whoah whoah whoah! Tooth what? Yes – you see it right. Tooth soap! A solid stick packed in a carton tube. I got so excited when I saw this for the first time! How do you use it? Wet the bristles and swirl them around on the top of the soapy stick. It will create a light foam – you are ready to brush! This one is my favourite for travelling! Check it HERE.

PROS – The whole packaging and concept is just amazing. I love it!!! It is awesome for when you are on the go and is super easy and clean to use. Does leave your mouth with clean feeling.

CONS – The taste is not too strong or minty so it doesn’t give you the WOW clean effect, BUT it might be a pro for those who hate to brush their teeth before eating food – as it is not so strong and therefore your banana doesn’t end up tasting like mint!

Dental Floss

I know! This is not a toothpaste, gurl! But I thought why not to mention it – while talking about Georganics already. Honestly this dental floss is super nice and cute, loving the packaging! Even though I have the feeling that Georganics were sending around e-mails that it turned out that this is not 100% zero waste and compostable as the other alternatives – which you can see HERE.

I know there’s hundreds of other products and brands, but that is yet to be discovered by me. After reading this – do you consider purchasing any for yourself? If you already have some experience with similar products – please share it down in the comment section below to keep each other inspired!


P.S. If you wanna get to know how I grow my mint, keep reading HERE!

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