Not So Flawless

We don't have to be 100%, we just need to try a little.

Not So Flawless

We don't have to be 100%, we just need to try a little.

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25 y.o. art university graduate; expat living in Denmark; loving raspberries and all that berry jazz

Why Not So Flawless?

The idea of starting “Not So Flawless” came after my own experience of being put down for my efforts. I believe that unfortunately majority of us knows it – you like the image of becoming *insert whatever fits for you*. You try a little, but for some reason it doesn’t seem good enough. So you try a little harder. What about now? No? Still not 100% there? The question is – what is 100%? Is it even possible to become a living perfection?

When it comes to my “*insert whatever fits for you*”, I’ve been trying to become more nature-friendly, ethical and responsible. After a while I realised that perhaps all the people dissing me are quite right – whatever I do, will never be enough. Instead of hating myself for what I don’t do, I focused on the things I am already doing and how to show more people how easy it can be.

So what are you going to find here?

You can be looking forward to a content full of house-hold hacks, beauty alternatives and lifestyle tips. Are you craving some inspiration for your kitchen? Worry not, I will provide some yummy recipes as well! 🙂 Consider me your stress-free and non-judgemental guide on your way on how to become more sustainable without feeling overwhelmed 🙂

You as a visitor are being an important part of this page and I believe we all can share our knowledge and positive support towards each other! I hope you will find what you are looking for in my posts. Please note, that any way you interact and get involved in this little project counts and makes me very happy!

Thousands of people trying a little is more effective than if few of us were 100%! It is okay to be Not So Flawless!

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