June 1, 2020

Disposable Razors Are Out, Get a Reusable One!

Oh well, here we go! Another short post about super easy planet-friendly swap! Which one? I will give you a little hint – trash your last disposable razor! It’s time to upgrade the 2020 game and return to reusable one!


I already covered toothbrushes HERE, now it’s time to get bit closer to the skin and talk about – razors and shaving!

Right off the bat I would like to mention that I am in no way suggesting that people HAVE to shave, otherwise they are gross. If you shave, good. If you don’t, good as well! Each to their own, absolutely no judgement here. Actually – if you do not shave, then you are probably even more planet friendly, than folks inspired and acting based on this article.

If you are in the YES I SHAVE group, think of the way you do it. Disposable razors? How often do you change them and simply trash them? Shaving foam? That is another piece of waste.

Just in the US there is around 2 billions razors thrown away each year!

Damn it Dominika?! So what should I do?


Worry not, we got a solution! AND it looks very pretty, too! It doesn’t have 257 blades and it doesn’t have an aloe vera stripe, but it works very well and perhaps you will realize that we do not need that additional bulls*it.

I purchased my reusable safety bamboo-steel razor around 3 years ago. God, was I scared for the first time! There were thoughts racing through my brain like –  I will definitely cut off half of my leg, slaughter the skin of my armpit, or some kind of different very catastrophic scenario. And I am not gonna lie – I am clumsy as eff. Yes, I did cut myself. BUT it was happening with disposable razors, too. As I said – I am just clumsy and should practice bit more mindfulness – as it usually happens when I mentally drift away.

Am hooked, want one, gimme link!


The one I got is from THIS page. I will admit that back then I just ordered through Amazon, but well, we grow and learn… Mine also didn’t come with extra blades, so I purchased a whole set of them and I think I am good to go till the day I peacefully leave this planet…. And I will perhaps leave some as my heritage, too.

Back then in my sustainability youth I didn’t make too much research on the company, but now I can see that I did not make a mistake. Just feel free to read a little bit more about them on their website HERE. You may notice that they are not only selling very attractive razors to make your legs as attractive, but also other low-waste products!

If you are asking what I use instead of shaving foam, the answer is probably really under-whelming. I just lather an ordinary solid soap bar on my skin and… Shave. Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive. But it works.


If you happen to have any experience or question, feel free to comment down below!

Thank you for your time and energy, take care of yourself!


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