July 13, 2019

How to Grow Your Own Basil, Mint and More!

The summer is in its’ full heat. What is better than fresh ice water with mint and lemon? Or tomato and basil salad? Okay, I can list a lot of other things for sure, but let’s pretend we all want the combos mentioned above. Here is my little guide on how to grow your own!

I didn’t have much success with store-bought basil and other herbs, but growing from seeds is a whole new thing. It is oddly satisfying to watch growing as well – you feel like you got your sh** together at least a tiny bit. I mean – you managed to grow something! That should deserve its’ spot to shine at least on your CV.

How to Easily Grow Your Mint from Cuttings!

As my boyfriend is a dedicated urban-balcony-gardener and I’ve felt the urge to grow something by my own for ages, I started with something simple yet yummy – mint! Mint is so so so easy to grow that I promise you – you won’t fail!

First of all – cut a stem of your mint. Then cut off any leafs on it and leave just some on the top. Place it in a glass jar of your choice, fill with water and watch the roots growing over the days! The rooting on my photo happened over a week or so! Incredible, isn’t it? After that I filled a tin can with soil and potted the mint in. Only a few days later second stem started growing through the dirt and I cannot tell you how happy I am! Mojitos? Lemonades? Salads? Teas? It is all in the very near future 🙂 Plus it is a lovely green decorations to your apartment! Unlimited mint power, yay! Btw the day after I wrote this article there was a 3rd stem growing already :)) Happy girl!

2 Ways How to Grow Your Own Basil!

Growing Basil From Cuttings!

Okay – Let’s start with the technique already explained on mint – you cut off a piece of stem. Cut off leafs. Put it in a glass of water. And after the roots start to develop, pot in the soil! The thing with basil is that it doesn’t grow several stems from one – therefore you will always need to cut the stem to create another one and so on. Anyway basil does grow flowers and you can get seeds from them! Therefore we are coming to the number two, which is –

Growing Basil From Seeds!

Okay. I’ve tried to grow plants from seeds a few times and now a lot of people are gonna hate on me, but I will share how I managed to grow them sooo easily thanks to Pringles crisps container*. Yes, it is not the best thing to purchase, eat and mention. But we are all for recycling, right? Therefore – this is my tip! Of course feel free to use any other solution .

Anyway, back to the “How To”. I fill the empty Pringles container with soil, place seeds on it, gently press, lightly sprinkle with some water and close it with the plastic lid it comes with. Place on a sunny spot and wait, water, watch growing. After few days you should see tiny basil growing! If you don’t want to watch your basil grow in a Pringles container, you can re-pot them anywhere you wish. I used my old broken moka pot and I think it does look quite cute!

So? Are you going to give this super easy hobby a go or you rather safe some time and effort and keep buying it in shops?

If you have any other apartment and planet-friendly tips, comment down below to keep educating each other.

Also – if you still don’t get it /and I don’t blame you/ – you can watch the video HERE. That’s how I learnt it 🙂

*I got my Pringles container when I was on a plane and felt bit hungry. I thought it is a slightly better option then other snacks as I could re-use it for plants, or just store something else in it. You DON’T have to do it with Pringles, it was just to demonstrate that we can re-use things for different purposes and also to show you that it is easier to germinate seeds in a humid environment – which the plastic lid does provide quite well.

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