June 26, 2019

The Easiest Planet-Friendly Swap Ever – Bamboo Toothbrush!

Okay, so you really feel like you should start your planet-friendly journey, but you don’t know where. I will tell you a secret – the easiest planet-friendly swap ever is to get a bamboo toothbrush! Why? I will list few reasons right off the bat…

Why to get a bamboo toothbrush?

  • It is one of the cheapest swaps!
  • Literally doesn’t make any difference in your oral hygiene routine – it works the same as your old plastic buddy!
  • It looks fancy as hell!
  • You will feel so great, as you will remind yourself at least twice a day that you are helping to stop plastic waste! That’s a badass super hero thing to do!

Are there any cons? No, I don’t think there actually are! Anyway I gotta admit – I was scared of the bamboo “wooden” feeling in my mouth you get, when you are for example having a popsicle and you hit it against your teeth. Ugh, got goosebumps just thinking of it! Rest assured – there is nothing like this with bamboo toothbrushes! Only good vibes, only good feelings!

Where to find those precious things?

There’s several ways how to get your own bamboo toothbrush. Online is one of the options – and you can choose from a lot of brands, anyway I would suggest to go out and try to find some in your local stores. Thankfully they start selling bamboo toothbrushes even in normal supermarkets, which is some great news! If you are living in Denmark like me, then they got Suztain toothbrushes in Normal.

I personally buy my Humble Toothbrush at Tinc /in Aarhus/. Not only do they have varieties of colours and you can choose to go for medium or soft, but by purchasing The Humble Co. products, you support this Swedish company’s Humble Smile Foundation which is delivering oral care help to kids in places where its’ needed. Please check out their webpage for more info HERE! 🙂

So? Doesn’t this sound like the easiest planet-friendly swap ever? I have been using bamboo toothbrushes for the past three years and I wouldn’t go back!

What brand do you use? Would you ever consider going back to your old plastic toothbrush?

By the way I was checking one planet friendly brand’s webpage recently and read through this sentence – The toothbrush you were using when you were 4 years old still exists… Does this sound scary to you as well, or am I the only one getting chills?

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