June 22, 2019

Edge of Ember – Ethical Jewellery Brand

Do you like rings, necklaces and all these fancy jewellery things? Yes? And what is better than that? You guessed it right – if the jewellery comes from an ethical jewellery brand! Keep reading as I have a short review for you!

I have to admit – jewellery is not my biggest obsession, but I do like to have some nice pieces when I feel like it! I have been through this “teen” phase when I would go to fast fashion stores and buy cheap rings of questionable quality. When I say “a teen phase” I mean till like a month ago… Yep, I am 25…

I have been binge watching videos of the ethical queen Kristen Leo /check out her IG and YouTube and everything as she is absolutely gorgeous/ and fell in love with her jewellery – so as a proper copy cat, I had to find out where she got it from! That’s how I got to know about Edge of Ember – a brand with office in the central London.

Ok, get to the point, girl!

I love their jewellery designs and ethical values they stand for, as well as transparency about how their products are made.

They pick their partners with focus on responsibility and ethical morals – e.g. there is no child labour included, they do provide healthy working conditions and fair payment.

If you want to get to know more from “behind the scenes”, follow THIS link.

Their designs are on the minimalist side but still very cute. You can also personalise a lot of them, which makes it an awesome idea for present! Price range varies. They have some affordable pieces but of course it does go bit higher, too.

I chosen a simple ring which you can wear in two ways – depending where you want the arrows to point! It is simple, yet quite memorable.

The whole packaging is absolutely stunning! I got my piece delivered in a cardboard box, so the plastic waste would be kept on minimum . If dear DHL didn’t place it all in a plastic bag. Nevermind…

Gallery time!

Have a look on some more pictures! You can also see close ups of my damaged hair, but I still include those as I think they got quite a nice summery vibe.

What do you think? Do you have any other ethical jewellery brand you would recommend? Comment down below <3

Edge of Ember Instagram – HERE!

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