June 20, 2019

4 Tips for Responsible Planet Friendly Groceries

I love food. You love food. Everybody loves food. Right? We also kinda need it. That is a very responsible statement, ehm, but do we shop consciously? Have you ever thought about how much package we waste just so we can get our bananas from point A /supermarket/ to point B /our kitchen/? It is unreal. The worst thing is that we grew up in these manners and most of the time maybe don’t even think that we do something wrong. Therefore I want to introduce you to my 4 tips on how to make you groceries responsible and planet friendly!

As I wrote on instagram here, I want to share basic changes everyone can implement in their routines right now – without feeling overwhelmed or needing extra cash to get all the right eco-friendly gear.

TIP #1 – Local Markets

Local markets are fun. You see who probably grew your food. Isn’t it kinda cute? This someone took care of it so you can enjoy it nice, fresh, locally grown. It is probably the best way possible as you do support a small business and they don’t ship the food across the whole planet, even tho avocados are dope, we all know it…

Another pro of local markets is that you might find some stuff even cheaper than in big chains! MINDBLOWN.

Buuut I get it, I get it… Not everybody has a local market or maybe you just lack the time to go there? Worry not, you can still do your best! And that is…

TIP #2 – Less plastic is fantastic, baby!

… Yes! If you want to shop for your groceries more nature friendly and you have to go to an ordinary supermarket chain, you can still contribute! It is incredibly easy – wherever you go, keep a reusable tote bag with you! They can be folded and don’t take up much space. PRO TIP #1 – if you don’t owe any, I am sure you have some old plastic ones under your kitchen sink! Just reuse those. Then you won’t need to buy new plastic bags just so you can carry three apples and one bread. PRO TIP #2 – if you really buy just three apples, you don’t even need the bag… Put them in your pockets, carry them in your hands… Is this annoying? Nah, you can do it! :)) Responsible planet friendly groceries made easy – every small action counts!

Talking about apples and other veggies/fruits – did you know they don’t need the little plastic bag? They are pretty solid and therefore can survive being put in the shopper just as they come – perfect, like nature made them 🙂 PRO TIP #3 – do not put tomatoes in the bottom of your bag. They don’t like being squeezed by the jar of mustard!

Question for 5 points – why do people put bananas with thick skin in a plastic bag, just so they can put them in another plastic bag?

Question for good karma – why do cucumbers come in a plastic foil but squashes don’t? At least in danish supermarkets. Annoying. Here we go back to the tip #1 – this doesn’t happen on local markets! 🙂

TIP #3 – Glass over plastic!

In 2019 we have a lot of options. Glass over plastic is one of the easiest things to change – you want some pommes frites for dinner? Hell yeah, and they taste so good with ketchup, right? Next time you go and buy ketchup, try to grab the one which comes in a glass bottle! Not even it is better because you can recycle it, but you can reuse the bottle at home for your own purposes! This doesn’t apply only on ketchup of course 🙂

TIP #4 – Grow your own!

Baby Mint

This is probably the most time and effort consuming tip, but it is so worth it! You don’t need to buy a piece of land behind your town just so you can follow my stupid /?!/ advices, you can start pretty small. Growing tomatoes is cool and hip, but have you tried growing your own mint or basil from seeds? It is very easy and satisfying! Whenever I got basil from supermarket, it died after few days. But the ones I am growing from seeds are going strong! Also – you can reuse old tin cans from beans etc. and use them as pots! And the best part is – it makes a nice decoration on your kitchen window + smells amazing!

These were few tips on how to make your grocery shopping more nature friendly and responsible. I know, there are so many other ways! I tried to come up with those which I am doing and are very easy so people do not feel like they need to turn their life upside down.

Do you already do some of these? Do you have any other tips for responsible planet friendly groceries? If yes, please share in comments down below so we can keep educating each other! 🙂 Also – if you grow basil or anything else and have pictures on social medias, share links so we can see your beauties!

If you want to know what I am and what I am not, be sure to check out my last post here!

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