June 19, 2019

Who am I? Get to know me!

Wow, are we really starting this blog with such a serious question? Apparently. Anyway, let’s not waste time on crappy talks and let’s get into it, if you want to get to know me a little bit better! Talking about crappy talks – did you know, that a baby spider is called a spiderling? Kinda cute, right…

I am …

I am… A 25 years old creative who loves to draw, paint, glue stuff together and simply put together – create. That said I cannot really go for zero waste lifestyle, as I keep making new and new things. Yes, I could re-use or make only digital things, but… This is a life area, which has to wait for its’ “no crap” phase. Do I feel bad about it? When I start thinking of it – Yes, I do. Which is why I want to contribute in any other way possible.

I am… Passionate about alternative life styles, planet friendly products and low waste options.

I am… On the start of my low-waste journey and I want to share my knowledge with you.

I am… The only child, which makes me bit spoiled, I guess?! Anyway I really do try not to think only about myself and do the opposite – think of the world I live in.

I am… Pretty bad in the kitchen, thus if you happen to find some recipes over here, you can rest assured – everyone will manage, if I did!

I am… Self educated when it comes to this eco-friendly movement! I do not have any education or work experience in the field. Except of YouTube, Google and ECOSIA 🙂

I am… On Instagram HERE! 🙂

I am… In love with yoga, because #namaste and #connectwiththeuniverse

I am NOT…

I am NOT… An expert, a professional, a teacher, a mentor. So please – be kind! 🙂 If I happen not to be right about something – let me know in the comment section. We are here to educate each other and for me, that is the beauty of internet!

I am NOT… A native English speaker.

I am NOT… A vegan, even tho I aspire to be one!

I am NOT… Sure what else you would like to know 🙂

I am NOT… Flexible, even tho I said I love yoga!

I am NOT… And by that, I mean that I am definitely NOT in love with spiderlings!:)

I am NOT… You guessed it! Not So Flawless. Cheesy much, huh?!

If you want to get to know WHY I started this blog and what to expect, check out this page!

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